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7 reasons why competition is a good thing.

Some of you maybe will not agree but this is my beliefs. Anyway when I talk about push your limits I mean competive with yourself.

1. It Promotes Growth

Where would we be without rivals who push/challenge you to your best? I know I would have never taken as many chances and learned as much as I have if I didn’t want to win and compete against other great people in this world.

It’s only natural; if you want to compete with someone else you have to grow. There is no way around it. That is why whenever I want to get good at something I make friends with people who are already good at it. “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to is.”Vince Lombardi

2. It Forces Us To Be More Creative

The great thing about having competitors is that you have to be more innovative. You have to think outside the box and go after new options in order to get ahead. If everybody gave up their competitive spirit this world would be a very different place.

There wouldn’t be things like the iphone, computers or Creative writing. There just wouldn’t be the need to develop new things and go out in new directions if competition wasn’t a factor.

3. It Teaches Us

For someone to win someone else has to lose, and that sucks. But if you look at it with the right attitude this is actually a positive thing. We all lose at things here and then, the ones who learn from their losses actually turn their losses into something positive. They think in the end, every time you lose makes you to a better champion. They learn from their mistakes and take it as a positive experience which they can use to grow and win next time (and there’s always a next time).

4. It Promotes Taking Chances And Trying Something New

I am a big fan of taking chances in life. It is something you need to do in order to grow and live a life full of great experiences. I would say that one of the biggest things which promotes chance taking is competition. Healthy competition brings out a stronger you.

5. It Makes Us More Goal Oriented

Having competition makes us more goal oriented. We want to achieve more things and do more simply because we can grow ourselves compared to other people. Take away competition and we become lazy, and it becomes harder to motivate us. Competition is one of the forces that drives us to achieve.

6. Competition Prepares Us For The Real World

In this world there is a lot of competition and not everyone can be on top. You’re not the only one who is applying for a job or is trying to make something of themself. Many of your competitors have high grades just like you. So that is not the biggest factor that will influence success, it is a competitive spirit and the willingness to achieve.

The kids who had to work for their grades and actually earn them will be better prepared to succeed with their goals then the kids who got an A just because of their nice teacher.

7. It Makes Life More Entertaining

The great thing about having rivals and challenges in life is that it makes life more entertaining. It forces us to grow and to try to achieve great things. Without competition life becomes a lot less exciting and there are a lot less challenges. For a while it is nice, but as time moves forward we need something to occupy ourselves and get some meaning in life. Competition does just that.

To be involved in a competition is not all about winning. For me is nothing but have fun. Do you not think it’s fun to just play a game with your friends?

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